RAMSEY NOAH, a famous Nigerian actor died today.
He died this morning when armed robbers attacked him at his house. The police arrested the murderers two hours later and committed them to life imprisonment. This happened in a movie I am watching right now. Thank you for ur attention, am off to disturb another group. Here are few facts about Ramsey Noah that you don’t know.

The Ladies Man actor, is married with two kids (sorry ladies). Ramsey Noah (born Ramsey Tokunbo Noah Jr.; 19 December 1974) is a Nigerian actor. He won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 2010. Noah was born in Edo State to an Israeli father and a Yoruba mother who hails from Owo, Ondo State. He grew up in Surulere, Lagos, where he attended Atara Primary School and Community Grammar School.

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He obtained a diploma at the University of Lagos, after which he pursued a career in acting. Noah’s acting career kicked off when he starred in the Nigerian TV soap opera Fortunes. He has since then appeared in numerous films starring as the lead role.

He has been called “Lover-Boy” for his numerous roles in romantic film. In 2010 Noah won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in the Best Picture award winning film The Figurine. Noah is considered to be one of the most sought-after actors in Nigeria. Noah is married to Emelia Philips-Noah. The couple have a son and a daughter, named as Quincy Camil Noah, Desiree Noah.


Am The InViCiBLe cyber_lord I caNt ShoUt I Make No NoIse, SiLenTlY i CaMe: MuteLy i LeaVe..

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230 Responses

  1. Adams sarnor says:

    I want to work the movie

  2. kartie B Kamara says:

    in sierra Leone we also cry for Ramsey Noah because we love him so much,may he soul rest in peace may God have mercy on him,we love you but Jesus love you more sleep and take your rest God will fight the battle for you

  3. Anonymous says:

    wait ar u sure of wat u ar sayin abt dis guy?

  4. Turtledove says:

    Ramsey is not dead plssss

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Ibrahim Serry Kamal says:

    Hahahaha!!! Thank God it just in a movie.Good news though.

  7. felix phiri says:

    ramsey nouh is alive in jesus name amen

  8. Anonymous says:

    thank God his not dead

  9. Babatunde says:

    Wow so scared but thank God RN is okay

  10. don wizzy says:

    hmm wat a world

  11. daamoss says:

    ramsey isnt dead,it just a movie anyway we thank god for keeping him alife

  12. Mfon Edem says:

    Enemies of progress, why did u always want people dead? Abeg mek una stop dat kind tins oo RN, may your days be long in Jesus name. Amen

    • Blessing Mary says:

      May his days be long; he will never die untimely death, is not his portion to die young, because of this rumor God has doubled his years. And to those people who uses what happened in the movie to blog physical for us to cry or shout, mind ur selfs don’t use death to play, if want death u will it and u are the next person. Don’t allow God to number ur days because of false rumor u spread. Stop that kind of post u making people to have B.P; for some seconds before they understand what u mean, be warned.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pls always read ur msg before posting. Don’t disgreace we d Akwa Ibommite tanks. No disrespect pls, i hope u undstand.

  13. josfyne says:

    u are stupidnto insinuate this.

  14. vera says:

    Hım we lıve long

  15. Samuel says:

    chai this world …..Ramsey no go die in Jesus name

  16. Prince Johnson Edwin says:

    Whoever that is digging a grave for you to enter shall use that grave for himself or herself nd the entire families. May you live long in jesus christ name .

  17. stella says:

    Hez not dead

  18. heneiss says:

    It cnt be so

  19. Jimmy Thomas says:

    Ramsey-may your soul rest in peace in Jesus name,amen. Although am not sure that your dead,,,God…God…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ramsey will live long in Jesus name

  21. joy sak says:

    please oooo whoever that posted this, are u whiching him dead, please to avoid heart attack for people like me stop it, Ramsey u will never die in JESUS name. amen.

  22. Berrek oriji says:

    Am the happiest that my brother is alive its just a rumor that he is dead don’t believe anything you see on net because they are using that to make money and to get more comment on their wall.

  23. Iyke says:

    U sat down wasted precious time for this? U ar sick

  24. Vera says:

    God 4 bid bad tin. He ll nt die but live to see d glory of God. Amen

  25. uchenna says:

    he is not dead

  26. Vera okorie says:

    Ramsey is nt dead nd stop commenting saying he is dead he will reap d fruit of his labour

  27. wonder man says:

    Hmmm never true

  28. Glenda gopoza says:

    They are wishing u many more yrs 2 live,God bless u

  29. Kency says:

    U blogger may God 4give i was wit Noah dis mrnin so notin is wrong wit him

  30. Prossy says:

    he still have things to do so those who which him to die shame upon you Its not yet his time to leave us

  31. Sandra okemezie says:

    Anyone who is pronounced dead while alive always live long. All I will advice is that RN should serve God in spirit and in truth. God will not deliver him to the will of his enemies

  32. Mrs josephine Oshodi says:

    Pls hes not dead ooooooo cous my daughter still saw him at shoprite 2days ago

  33. Joy o says:

    May he live longer in JNA

  34. Ebrus says:

    Rumors Plz….Long life is your R.M.Jr

  35. Anonymous says:

    fucking bloggers

  36. Eweh justicw says:

    This man can die now y noah pls stop dat ooo noah May u live long

  37. Anonymous says:

    This man can die now y noah pls stop dat ooo noah May u live long

  38. cacao says:

    he who have posted as just wasted his or her precious tym for rumor outbreak…u cant spend ur tym thinking for what to become but to become a$(@mmer..and u will think dat that april,meanwhile april is already half gone…mtweeech

  39. wolex says:

    You people most be mad ok.

  40. chocho says:

    Ramson is alive, he is nt going 2 die. We still luv him.

  41. ramox says:

    just a movie

  42. Tinuke says:

    what type of joke is this??? Headache don catch me o

  43. PATIENCE UDOKA says:


  44. Anonymous says:

    I think this is ajok.Ramsey is not died

  45. Lil mursty snerh says:

    Ramsey is died, its left for u bro cus the 1 u called JESUS is nt d saviour.

  46. Onero joe says:

    Stop posting fake rumour, u monitoring demon dat want people death.

  47. anyanwuchima says:

    god pass u na your papa go die no be ramsey my guy

  48. brian moffat says:

    stop this rumors B!tch ramsey nouah is still life,he will forever until God want’s his soul

  49. Lawal Oladimeji says:

    RIP, Ramsey. We will never forget the part you have taken in life to change it by bringing joy to various home.

  50. Hassan says:

    Ramsey , did not died ooo, pls read the post well, but the sender of this post should stop this expensive joke or rumour .

  51. Yohane says:

    U ar not serious, y waisting your time of lies i was dissapointed of u plz stop posting untruth story

  52. Syr Prynx says:

    What’s this rubbish? Why are you misinforming people just because you want to drive trafic to your blog? This is not funny please, and those typing RIP and sending condolence messages, understand this now that Ramsey Noah is alive and well. #SMH, things Some wanna be bloggers will do for clicks. Only in Nigeria tho, if you this blogger don’t stop this trash you are writing and misleading people, I won’t be surprise if some one sues your dumb ass someday.

  53. Risper says:

    Ramsey Nouh He’s not dead ooh my God this not true

  54. African Bobo says:

    Pls read very well b4 commenting he is not die .. It is just a movie

  55. Anonymous says:

    fu#k whoever posted this Sh!t

  56. Leonard Gezi says:

    Hey u people! Why a u fooling around with somebody’s life. Let’s fear God.

  57. Leonard Gezi says:

    Hey u people! Why a u fooling around with somebody’s life. How can someone publish such a rumour.Let’s fear God.

  58. C1 says:

    Whoever posted dis he/she is a fool

  59. Anonymous says:

    Ramsey is not our wish u die now, but we can quetion God why may soul rest in peace amen

  60. goodness Mbah says:

    Ramsey is not death, he said is a movie he is watching this morning lol,, read very well before you comment

  61. Miranda Magwa says:

    I just saw that now I nearly got a heart attack because we never heard of his death.But reading it now I understand that’s not true.

  62. Deno says:

    Those spreading dis rumors stop killing pple with your faking, “R.I.P HATERS”shame on those spreading dis, Ramsey is nt dead, he will leave along lasting lyf

  63. ashaolu olalekan says:

    These show hw pepu realy love RN notiin is gonna happen t him in Jesus Name Amen live long Ramsey we al love u

  64. lady i says:

    ramsey u will live long.

  65. Othello Kayeetarr says:

    He will never die at this time, God still love him the best.

  66. yarp says:

    guys don’t play with death. He has a big responsibility to take care his family, so watch out!God has got his own time you cant command him so take care.

  67. news says:

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  68. Anonymous says:

    Which is which about Ramsey Noah

  69. nise cul .chinasa says:

    ramsey noah u dont deservel to die bcuz jesus love u somuch i thank jesus for ur life in jesus mame amen

  70. nise cul .chinasa says:

    ramsey noah u will not die in jesus name amen.

  71. thomas kambiri says:

    Keep it up bro ,wish u many more

  72. nissi-grace says:

    i thank God for you my brother.all who wish death to you are cursed and all who wish life are blessed with u.amen

  73. nissi-grace says:

    i thank God for you my brother.all who wish death to you are cursed

  74. tiamo godson says:

    Am glad Dat lover boy is alive stop writing bad things abt him coz someone of u wish him dead

  75. Esther Joseph says:

    Thank God Ramsey is alive,think twice b4 u talk idiot u should be de one wbe de one who is died.


    You leave me in suspense about my favorite actor

  77. Emmy Solomon says:

    Abeg if this is a play u people should just stop it hw can u ppl wish this young man death wat has he do to u guys abeg this lind play is too expensive biko nu.

  78. OG says:

    pls this joke is just too expensive

  79. Saidu Sheriff says:

    I am shoked about RN death i dont belive any way.

  80. Anonymous says:

    U R Playing Around With Someone’s Life May God Bless U With Longer Lyf So That U See His Victory In Near Future



  82. odongo ricky says:

    Y should u wish for some onez death?

  83. Onel davis says:

    I really cant believe this,but if it so happened then there is nothing we can do,death is all path for each and everyone of us,may his soul rest in peace,for we loved u but the almighty God loved umost,am a ugandan but i can feel it.

  84. Onel davis says:

    I really cant believe this,but if it so happened then there is nothing we can do,death is all path for each and everyone of us,may his soul rest in peace,for we loved u but the almighty God loved u most,am a ugandan but i can feel it.

  85. Dawuda John Bala says:

    God, Keep Ramsey And His Family Saved And Sound.

  86. OBINNA RUBEN says:

    God have mercy upon your people oo….

  87. Mahammadu.bande says:


  88. Easman says:

    Ramsey Is Alive,i Saw @ L. A Last Month

  89. Anonymous Says; says:

    Ramsey Is Alive. Hu Post Dis Stupid News?

  90. cassim says:

    Yoooooo rest in peace ramsey i like his moves he is best actor

  91. Musa isah says:

    Hmm i’m shocked when i see the headline that ramsey is dead but when i finish reading the story i know that he is not dead the blogger is just joking with somebodies life.

  92. Kenneth Lucas says:

    Mmmmmmm why?

  93. mercy says says:

    nothin happens to him infact we luv yu so much

  94. katusabe rodgers says:

    why is it ramsey ??? i can believe it.

  95. bianka says:

    Eeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!!!!!! It cant be thanx itx juxt a movie

  96. bianka says:

    Eeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!!!!!! It cant be thanx itx juxt a movie itx tooooo xooooooonn

  97. Mary Afogba Is A Lie I Saw Him 2day Mornin says:

    I Saw Him 2day Mornin Eatin Ogbone Nd Eba

  98. U re a fool coz u will jst set down i wish pple death may God for u:)his alive is u dt will die nt he says:

    Maybe u re d one dt kill him ba u dt post dt he is death is u dt will die nt him wicked soul stop sayin wht u dont knw ok

  99. sherly says:

    God punish u people.Banza!

  100. Loveness says:

    God punish them

  101. Anonymous says:

    I think he will come here in to see who is the ry

  102. Anonymous says:

    Be sinsible stop fooling us with nonsense Ramsay is a live

  103. itai Nigel says:

    fu#k yu

  104. memunatu adama kamara says:

    ar nor belif for say ramsey noah don die

  105. aisy says:

    dis is false rumor

  106. Derrick Onyancha says:

    i cnt blv dat mah fvrt actor waz shot to death….R.I.P Ramsey

  107. faith says:

    Please you guys should stop all these, Ramsy is alive

  108. Mary Sheilla Alex says:

    RN is not dead ooo he will live until de day God will take his soul NOT RUMOURS.

  109. Noel Dymon says:

    Very panthetic but God knows

  110. Anonymous says:

    He no dieyooo

  111. Paul Omondi says:

    You will live for ever in our lifes

  112. Bassey Udo says:

    Stop using such negative statement on people,he is not dead I even saw him on our last

  113. Anonymous says:

    RN is not dead. Is just a movie oo

  114. olivya says:

    A buddy to many can never die abii.

  115. Judith says:

    I Thnk It’s A Jke Rmsey Is Nt Dyng Dn’t Use Devil’s Nme On People If Ur Rltv Is Dead Plz Dn’t Be A Lier Am In Kenya

  116. Dorcas says:

    is only those on top dat people see and talk about weather good or bad they must talk. may God add more years to his life IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

  117. Anonymous says:

    you s’ld instead ov Ramsey

  118. Abraham Zukeh says:

    Ramsey is to for 70 plus years. It’s not his time

  119. Kasemire Rashimah says:

    Ramsey died in the movie that guy was watching. But we both know that ramsey is not dead.

  120. Raphael kambwiri junior says:

    i will miss too,may he rest in peace.

  121. van Giil says:

    live long bro

  122. margy nicole says:

    Now which is which is he dead.

  123. Dibango Lemani says:

    We nevr 4get his job

  124. ojeka ivan tyller says:

    am glad itz just in the movie

  125. Kabul Bin Musa says:

    hahaaaaa u man ur not serious dont do it again stop fulling People some ov dem thr sick heart attack

  126. Kabul Bin Musa says:


  127. Donald says:

    Not really, if so will miss you,yu were my favourite actor

  128. Adams S Maiki says:

    Noah will live longer than Matusalla amen

  129. joyline says:

    Isn’t true gyz

  130. peter jailos says:


  131. Di Square says:

    The Poster Was Watching RN’s Film. Don’t Blame Him.

  132. Salami Ilyas says:


  133. Promise Umoh says:

    My Actor u re alive,i knw dat d re jocking,i Luv u n ur Family.

  134. rose lilian says:

    wat came over you,dnt 4get the person says he saw it in amovie!!

  135. Anonymous says:

    In Jesus name you will live long with your lovly family and entire members!!!!

  136. irene Joseph says:

    U will live long in Jesus name

  137. Glenda mohale says:

    The way I love that man don’t say this next to me because I will kill you


    Please this joke is too expensive, I nearly collapsed where I was until l read that it was a movie, He will leave long in Jesus name.I dont know him but he is my best actor and I can go to any length for him

  139. CANKARA R says:

    Beliving Something Which U have not seen is pleasdean.but if he is death may his soul rest in pease.we still with him.

  140. wilfred says:

    I hope to see his latest movie to proof the blogger wrong

  141. Anonymous says:

    pls can anyone tells me is not

  142. DAINTY CHIDERA says:

    Ramsey noah u will live long in jesus name amen

  143. el shaddaï shungu says:

    hi,please i want became a actor at Hollywood, what can i
    do? help me(i talk good french)

  144. Obadient says:

    its real true that ramsey passed away

  145. beatrice says:

    I wonder if Ramsey died, I don’t believe

  146. Anonymous says:

    all have scum…rumour monger thanx

  147. Ibrahim says:

    So which is which?

  148. Gilbert says:

    Hmm It Cnt Happen

  149. francis says:

    iz ril ded?

  150. Alex Banda says:

    Is how life goes but “rest in peace Mr Love-boy”

  151. saka okoth says:

    that was a the way do naija police behave like they show it on this movie called’police on duty’?if it is,then they need to come to kenya for more training

  152. ABDULRAMAN says:


  153. Chy precious says:

    U guys should stop fooling urself cos RN is alive n will live long in Jesus Name Amen.

  154. Dj Jupiter Da Smash says:

    Stupid In The Name Of Allah He Can’t Die Now

  155. Noe Mbangwa says:

    Hmm guys this man need to be sentenced in jail for the whole of his life because of his stupidity

  156. ur such a idiot guy who post dt my ur da one who dit dat dat says:


  157. hilda says:

    waaat I just ran tears,,,,

  158. hilda says:

    you bloggers you go kill me

  159. Anonymous says:

    thank God if he is still alive

  160. Anonymous says:

    I Ani Vincent chidera aka De Vincent chivin strongly believe that Ramsey Noah is not dead perhaps he may be ill or unconscious. I know that enemies are there for him expecting his death and ready to to kill him if the opportunity is giving to them.

  161. Raha says:

    RN may you liv long to the glory of God and the benefit of mankind in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

  162. vincent otieno says:

    I know that guy is alife may u live long

  163. live long Ramsey Noah says:

    live long Ramsey

  164. Harrison says:

    If Tz True Ihave To Follow Hm 2

  165. Anonymous says:

    fu#k you

  166. liz says:

    Nosense how could some one play with some onez life I really dont know whats wrong with some pipo

  167. Anonymous says:

    Long leave mi frd, am happy here in Uganda for u to be alive

  168. Anonymous says:

    Long live mi frd, am happy here in Uganda for u to be alive

  169. Hon AGGREY says:

    Be blessed mi best

  170. Anonymous says:

    hmmm y wud people spread such false information…….May God forgive whoever spread dat information

  171. denis,mr fairprice says:

    Ramsey Noah live longer in Jesus’ name,oh we still need those people in the world be blessed in everything

  172. ABRAHAM DUGBA says:

    For Me, I Don’t Belive It At All!

  173. Anonymous says:

    U guys are really mad don’t say what u don’t really know

  174. dipio says:

    sory, it was RN’s first time to die in a movie,be bless

  175. dipio says:

    sory, it was RN’s first time to die in a movie,bt it was just a movie be bless .

  176. Anonymous says:

    Ramsey pls dont die we love you

  177. Triumph says:

    Long life Noah

  178. raph smart says:

    you got me scared,he is one of my favorite

  179. Mr Ed says:

    Pls help me to know the thruth if not true den ppl stop fooling with human life. He’s my favourite movie star in all p don’t believe he’s dead

  180. Greatson Chibexious says:

    U people ar u sure?

  181. Mr Victor Anyadiegwu says:

    Long life my friend, Ramsey.

  182. Amatu Andrew says:

    is did story real ,cos I still don’t believe it

  183. Anonymous says:

    Mustapha Bockarie from Kenema,Eastern Sierra Leone,oh my God what a big loss to d whole world.?

  184. Alie Badara Kamara says:


  185. Alie Badara Kamara says:

    R I P

  186. Anonymous says:

    Wat a bad news R.N,may God protect dear.

  187. Mr Raj says:

    my brother is dead,Brother u will live long in Jesus name, Amen

  188. My Education Mag says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Plz noah ramsey respect ur self and act another movie plz i begoff that i’ll no that u re still alive plz

  189. Vincent says:

    He is not death social media wacha ujinga

  190. Naomzee says:

    You will live long in Jesus Amen. your number one fan

  191. Komba Gbetuwa From Sierra Leone Eastern Provience Kono(k Town) says:

    it is unbelievable and unpleasant but any way i still have the confidience that he is alive sure and God had more years to your age

  192. courser king says:

    I love u Ramsey and I love that movie called true love Berky

  193. the boss says:

    To think this comments went on for over a year shows how busy Nigerians are….lol. Even with serious insults..since I can’t beat. You guys, I have joined you..hahahaha

  194. Sara Mwale Kapepa says:

    That guy who said RN is dead must be sick in the mind. shud c a psychiatrist

  195. Sara Mwale Kapepa says:

    That guy who said RN is dead must be sick in the mind. shud c a psychiatrist,frm Lusaka,Zambia

  196. ABASS BANGURA says:


  197. FANANDO says:

    Are you sure of Ramsey’s death

  198. michelly says:

    is Ramsey alive why pipol lying may God strengthen your life

  199. Anonymous says:


  200. Consolata says:

    Stop killing this guy,GOD has the final say according to his life,I love him so much

  201. Anthony says:

    what a shocked news abeg ooo is it true bcus i can’t believe

  202. Hon AGGREY Agaba says:

    We love u Ramsey, waiting for ur new release

  203. fredrick De'clark says:

    stop this nonsense ramz is still alive

  204. Kigongo Frederick says:

    He Will Never Die Now In Jesus Name

  205. Apesugh T Daniel says:

    I did not beliave dis, stop dis jock

  206. Micheal kuloba says:

    we will met again in jesus name …. bro ramsey noah

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